Lo Brooke


It’s all about the human connection for Los Angeles’ LO BROOKE and it’s evident throughout the soulful singer songwriter’s debut six-song EP, Narrow Bridges that’s set for release in early 2019. With the new music, her goal is to “touch someone's heart in some way,” says LO. “As humans, I feel all we want is to connect. Breaking that line between performer and audience is so important to me because at the end of the day we all feel the same things.”

The EP’s lead single, “I Need You” showcases LO’s emotive lyrics and soulful vocal phrasings that paint a portrait of everyone’s desire and longing to connect with the ones they love but it’s “also for those who have lost any one they love in death,” notes LO. You can also feel this through the bluesy harmonica accents added on the track by peer L.A. musician Runson Willis III. “The core of the song was already recorded and produced and I loved it, but felt it needed something more. I wanted that feeling of longing for someone--that sadness that comes over you when they are not near--to be felt through the music. Once Runson came in with his talents, we knew that the cry of the harmonica was exactly what it needed to express this ache of needing someone.”

Throughout the process of writing and recording Narrow Bridges, many hurdles were dropped in front of LO. “This EP has undergone lost friendships, heartbreaks, deaths, sickness, stress of moving, and a car accident as well,” she says. “Much of what inspired the EP was change, and I had never lost friends before so it was a shock to me when I had to let some people in my life go.”

Taking hardships and molding those experiences into music the masses can relate to is something LO has been gifted with. “It definitely comes naturally to me. It's what drives my inner self, and honestly, what hits my heart most. As emotional artists are, I am purely driven by what makes me feel the most and the sound of the acoustic guitar meshed with soulful vocals is what does that for me. I have always been inspired by artists like Marvin Gaye, Erykah Badu, and Sade along with artists like Neil Young and Bob Dylan as well.”

LO grew up in San Bernardino, CA and lived there until she moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her musical talents and aspirations. “To be honest, my hometown is  known for its poverty and gang violence, and not for its art or music which gives no expectations for an artist from there,” says LO of her hometown.  “In a sense, this gives me no boundaries and I don't feel I need to hold back in my music in any way, since there are no expectations. Growing up in San Bernardino, I think I learned to be very cautious of my surroundings and my dealings with people as well as being very grateful for what this life has given me.”

LO is already looking forward and mapping out her follow up album to the Narrow Bridges EP. “I can tell you it will incorporate another dimension of sounds Narrow Bridges has.” In other words, LO will continue to grow--personally and musically--from her experiences, transcribe it into music and keep an open invitation to music lovers to listen and connect on that primal human level.  





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